(j) Intralinks uses the industry`s usual security systems and infrastructure, including, but not limited, redundant data centers with a full range of business recovery and recovery services, as well as software and systems for detecting viruses and intrusions. The client recognizes that Intralinks must allow the customer to access the latest SOC 2 security and availability report for services and the standard information questionnaire (“GIS”) for intralink controls. For all subcontractors, Intralinks provides the customer with a summary of the results of its subcontractor review conducted by the subcontractor. If the client requests more information about these audits, the Intralinks will provide appropriate assistance for such requests. If, for reasonable reasons, these audits are deemed insufficient by the client on specific aspects or topics, intralinks or an independent third-party auditor with the appropriate experience and expertise acting on their behalf are required to conduct further consideration of these aspects or issues. Intralinks shares the results of this additional review with the customer, with the exception of confidential, sensitive or privileged information. (a) Intralinks pays all damages definitively awarded by a competent court or agreed by Intralinks to settle third-party claims against the customer who claims that the customer`s use of the services under the agreement violates a business secret, copyright, patent or trademark of a third party (a “counterfeit claim”). In the case of a right of infringement, Intralinks may, at its sole discretion, be: (A) obtain the right to reuse the services; (B) replace or modify a portion of services that violates the law with a functional and non-violent replacement; (C) modify services so that they are not hurtful; or (D) if none of the above information is commercially feasible, terminate this contract (and, if the contract is terminated, the customer is entitled to reimbursement of all costs paid in advance for the un expired part of a provision of a work order concerned).