When a trade agreement is concluded, the share of the total profit is divided according to the value of the commercial influences of the two warlords. For example, if a warlord with a trade influence value of 100 makes a deal with a warlord with a trade influence value of 200, the second warlord in each round will make twice as much profit from the deal as the first warlord. Everyone benefits, but the more influential trader gets the better deal! Destroy their clan from within if you have to – usually their enemies kill them, but whether they are rebels or a rival clan, their pile of ships disappears as soon as the province counter hits 0. Congratulations, you have received the last commercial node of your alliance without having to officially break your alliance with them. Set in the golden age of the Samurai War, Shogun 2 brings to life the most turbulent period in Japanese history. We are in the middle of the sixteenth century in medieval Japan. The country, which was ruled for nearly 200 years by a unity government under the Ashikaga shogunate, was divided into many hostile clans after the fall of the shogunate. The player plays the role of a feudal clan leader who rules a limited territory of the country and uses military engagement, economy and diplomacy to achieve the ultimate goal: the unification of Japan under his higher command and the title of shogun – the undisputed ruler of Japan. Commercial nodes are the first to arrive. Since trading Shogun 2 is a very powerful source of income, taking the nodes is something that every player should do no matter what. In fact, a simple measure of players` skills could be how quickly they complete their trading port, build their first merchant ship, and close their first trading post, compared to the best possible speed for their clan.

He came back two rounds later and asked her for a trade deal, which he reluctantly accepted. Today, two long-standing trading partners have ended our pacts for no reason on my part. This game can make a nut after a while. You need access to these resources to build large buildings (for example. B you need stone to build the castle to the highest standard) and you need it to increase your trade-based income. Perry`s expedition to Japan was theoretically linked to the notion of open destiny, in which American settlers had the “God-given” right to expand into North America. [6] Japan`s role included that of a trade base between China and the United States. ==External links==Secretary of State Daniel Webster, God had placed coal for steamships and other merchant ships “in the depths of the Japanese islands for the benefit of the human family.” [7] The idea of the “manifesto of fate” as an imperialist measure outside North America was not introduced until 1892 as an important idea, which practically indicated a purely economic interest in Japan, which held coal reserves in important places for Pacific trade.

[8] For a land trade agreement to work, you must have a direct line of territories from person to person and capital to capital. Already five of my trade agreements (each time with different clans) have been abandoned for no apparent reason. The other clan was not destroyed and I was able to make a new business deal with them (although I also paid). I also have diplomatic pains every time this happens. I can`t figure out why. In a few turns, you`ll probably have a good number of ships near one of the nodes you don`t own. If ai is still there during these few rounds – more likely than not – it declares war. Attack their pile of boats – they tend to be small and can be defeated most of the time without battleships (surely you checked before declaring war?) – occupy the knot as they flee from you – and seek peace.

A tribute is right – most often 5000 is enough, but otherwise, you can increase it to 20000+. Paying a small amount per turn is the way to go here – this way, if the AI is a neighbor on the strategy map, or if they`re really crazy when they declare war again, you only pay for the number of rounds the peace lasted (the remaining payments are voided). The higher your business influence, the more you will benefit from a trade agreement with another faction. Enemies can also sit on your trade routes and effectively deter them from trading In some circumstances, trade is so profitable that it is better to form protectorates and trade with them than to have directly annexed territories. This is especially true for groups with a good commercial fleet, with many commercial nodes, and for protectorates that consider richer regions: the richer a group is, the more profits trade generates. Companies with few trading partners can expect high profits from any trading partner if they have to export many products. However, as the number of business partners increases, the amount of money earned by each group decreases (although the sum usually still increases). Therefore, a group with many business partners should not be afraid of being cut off from a business partner, because the loss of business income is not so great. .