How can I verify that my work card and work permit have already been terminated!? If you work in the United Arab Emirates and want to check a copy of your employment contract, you can view it online (and even a copy) on the Ministry of Labour website. Please note that you are provided with a physical copy by your employer. But in case you don`t, for whatever reason, then you`ll be able to see it and print it online. You can also see what type of contract you have, whether it is a limited or unlimited contract. This is the way to check your work card data, your official employment contract duplicates online on Thank you for contacting us. Now your work card number is shown on your card. If you have a copy of your work card, you can check and enter your work card number to check the status of your online contract. If you do not have a copy of your contract, we recommend that you call MOHRE at 800-60 and inform them that you have forgotten your work card number.

You will ask for your registration information. As soon as you provide them with your information, they will give your exact work card number. Hello, how can I check my work card? . I forgot my work card. Please help me check my work card. How can I verify and verify if the company has already requested the letter of offer and the contract? The situation is, says the employer, that they wait for 20 to 25 days for the department`s letter of offer and it has already been implemented. But so far (22 days have passed) no feedback from the employer on the status and when it comes to HR always say that about the process. Can you help me with that? How I can verify whether it is applied or not (status). Thank you very much. Please take note of our position: to know the complete procedure for obtaining a work card/work permit in Dubai. Hello, how do I check my work card? .

I forgot my work card. Please help me check my work card. Good evening I can get my copy of the employment contract after the recent reforms in the UAE job market, fixed-term contracts are for a maximum of 2 years, unlike 4 years as before. The contract must also include a termination. Hello Sir/Mam, where can I find my work card number? I want to check my status. Hope is good and sure. How do I get my work card? While you can view your work card online every time you have to refer to the contract, it is sometimes more convenient to print a copy. So this is the procedure to get a copy of your UAE employment contract. Please note that this only applies if the company is registered under the Uae Ministry of Labour.

We hope this tutorial will help you understand how to check your online contract for your reference and consciousness. Today, MOLUAE`s Ministry of Labor does not issue a work card because it is coordinated with Emirates ID. In such cases, on the chance off that you had to check your work card/interest contract points. If you work in the United Arab Emirates, it is best to familiarize yourself with the conditions mentioned in your employment contract.