www.newswire.ca/news-releases/governments-of-canada-and-ontario-reach-agreement-to-give-more-people-the-tools-they-need-to-find-and-keep-good-jobs-681496621.html This document is normally available on the VCCFA website: vccfa.ca. Currently, the website is in full swing and the document is expected to be restarted in early 2021. Negotiations for a renewed 2019-2022 collective agreement were recently concluded and the new document is under review. It is expected to be available on the website vccfa.ca early 2021. I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to spending priorities for the 2019 BC budget. I am particularly concerned about the link between education and poverty. Our provincial anti-poverty strategy must include seamless and free access to provincial basic adult education courses (AEFs). I welcome the abolition of tuition fees for ABE. However, in Vancouver, did you know that EBA students are still responsible for up to $600 a year for college fees and UPass? The province`s Adult Upgrading Grant, which is to cover this, is based on Canada Student Loan guidelines and serves to eliminate many of the students it is supposed to support. For example, women must get their husbands to fill out the form to qualify! Similarly, young adults must receive the consent of their parents. If BC is serious about an anti-poverty strategy, we must continue to remove barriers that adult students face in accessing EBA courses.

Official communication: The CPFA Spring 2020 conference was cancelled due to the emergency closure of its location, Diablo Valley College, to protect students and teachers from potential exposure to coronavirus (COVID-19). Whether the conference will be postponed to a later date has not yet been decided. As literacy educators, we must be aware of the methodological and interpretive assertions of large-scale literacy measures and ensure how they are translated into popular media. If studies create simplified constructions of “productive” and “non-productive” citizens, this can create social divisions that undermine the inclusive literacy project. Click here for the 2014-2019 final collective agreement. Expanded text of Longmate`s CPFA/FACCC presentation. Cosco, Frank and Jack Longmate. “An instructive model on how to do more justice and equality: the Vancouver College model.” In Kezar, Adrianna, ed. Embracing Non-Tenure Track Faculty: Changing Campuses for the New Faculty Majority.

Routledge, New York 2012. Another area that we must not forget is child care.