(a) Part-time teachers must be employed for less than FTTE 0.9. Subject to paragraph 4.5.2 below, a part-time teacher`s salary is part of the basic scale that the teacher would receive if he or she is employed full-time. The number of hours for which payment is made is the sum of the number of hours of class contact, plus an expected contactless time. This amount is increased by 11 per cent, which corresponds to an additional payment of one hour for every 9 hours. This part of the agreement defines salary data for secondary school teachers who are members of the PPTA. It also provides details on starting salaries and wage maintenance, units and allowances. 4.23.7 The equivalent of ten hours of non-teaching per week is assigned to each teacher in a teaching role in the (intercommunal) community. The Board of Directors, in agreement with Ako and the employee, has the flexibility to decide how it allocates this time within weeks or weeks. An allowance under this clause is in addition to all other residence allowances to which the teacher is entitled under this agreement. This basic salary scale applies to all teachers certified (including the provisionally certified and conservatory teaching authority, but not limited) by the Aotearoa New Zealand Board of Education, who are trained and qualified to teach in NZ for the purposes of this clause. 4.1.4 From 1 July 2019, out-of-school teachers without technical qualifications will start at stage 1 on the non-school scale and will be able to progress after one year of stage one to two. 4.3.7 Until June 30, 2020, teachers with fixed units (including permanent auxiliary units) have the right to go beyond their qualification maximums up to g3 at the top of the basic scale, provided that: please respect the AV collective agreement for pay rates. (a) In addition to the salary scale, initial salaries are recorded by teachers who have registered with the Aotearoa New Zealand Board of Education and who have a qualification defined by a “G” rating.

4.16.1 A permanent teacher who, in a given position above the basic scale, receives compensation for the period under review, which represents the difference between his salary and the rate for the position that the teacher reduces, but no more than the rate corresponding to three units above the teacher`s place of residence and under conditions that the Minister of Education may authorize. (ii) teachers who, for one or more years of salary service, have been maintained at the highest level of the salary scale for their qualifying group and who then improve their qualifications, have the right to take a pay step towards the highest level of their new qualification group from the effective date of the improvement in their qualifications.