Buyers can turn off unwanted messages from third-party Amazon. These include requests for feedback initiated by the seller. Most buyers have not unsubscribed, but it is important to respect the wishes of those who have. Third-party services, such as Z.B. FeedbackFive, help sellers meet opt-out requirements. Note that if a customer has not left a return on a transaction within 30 days of ordering, sends a reminder email on your behalf. Buyers have the option to disable from receiving these emails, but they can still leave comments by logging into their buyer account. This goes without saying, but sellers should never pressure buyers to provide, edit or delete Amazon`s comments. Putting buyers under pressure is a clear violation of the Amazon Directive.

It is also contrary to the usual courtesy. If buyers want to evaluate their interaction with you, they will freely choose to do so without constraint. Very occasionally I click in “Your orders” and check some sellers and that is usually forced by the will to give a bad return. The feedback system does not work or engages the customer, the biggest sellers have larger development teams and cash flows to interact with the MWS and custom development programs that a small seller cannot afford. They probably heard the term “sales funnel” that companies frequently use to visualize their distribution and marketing activities. The funnel mentality can also be applied to your reputation as a seller on Amazon. The top of your funnel contains all the orders you`ve received on Amazon. The central part of the funnel consists of the orders you want to request for feedback. (Sellers are not required to request feedback on each order, nor should they. For example, sellers should not send comments to buyers who have previously asked the seller not to send such emails.) The lower part of the funnel contains orders that have resulted in feedback, which has the effect of increasing buyer confidence and sales. Lately, Amazon has largely imposed its policies and agreements regarding news for buyers and sellers. Remember that the main purpose of Amazon`s returns is to indicate buyer satisfaction.

Therefore, satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) will naturally serve as the main driver behind a customer`s willingness to leave feedback. Ensuring an absolutely flawless experience is a necessary first step to getting feedback.