Our rights in this Agreement are not affected by other rights and remedies that we have between us by law or as part of another agreement or agreement. 2.5 For registration, access and/or use of the Mobile Wallet, please see UOB Mobile Wallet`s terms and conditions. You must accept the terms of this agreement and the terms of sale UOB Mobile Wallet. We may be given by you or any authorized person in accordance with the company`s order on any instruction we have given in good faith. Any payment of a balance we make to the senior card member under this clause is considered to be a full and final fulfillment of our commitments to that balance. The terms of this Agreement are binding on you and for us, as well as for our successor or agent. The terms and conditions of this Agreement are also binding if:- 11.10 We can apply the payments we have received to reduce the commitments on the card account of the main card member or card member in each priority order and in any case. Suspend the card/refusal transaction7.1 At any time:- 4.5 You must pay a fee if the total balance of the card account is above the total credit limit at any time (for more details, consult the fee and commission manager). . 6.6 The minimum payment depends on the amount of outstanding card account balance:- 3.1 As an authorized user, only you can make transactions with the card.

You are responsible: 12.6.1 In addition to all the common legal rights available to us, we may, without first referring to you, any number of your accounts (including card accounts) in Singapore or overseas (whether held alone or in common or in a style, name or form, including the trade names of individual companies) and balances (due or not) on those accounts against any liability. 3.6 We can issue a replacement card or a new PIN, which will be created under the conditions we have set. 2.3 If a card transaction is made in a foreign currency (not in Singapore dollars), we will convert the transaction amount into Singapore dollars according to our usual practice. Conversion charges are set in the royalty and royalty guide. 6.2 You must pay the outstanding card account balance or the minimum payment amount (“minimum payment”) shown in your card statement on the due date indicated in your card statement. 12.5.2 In the event of a dispute with a Paye Company over a payment, a refund of the transaction will not be granted until after Payee Corporation has refunded us the payment. 2.7 The refund of a NETS FlashPay value registered on the card must be made by the Cardmember with NETS, in accordance with the net conditions prior to the extension/rescission/dismember of the card. There will be no refund of NETS FlashPay value stored on the expired, lost, stolen or destroyed card. 2.2 If you receive your card, you must sign it immediately. Please note that effective March 9, 2020, foreign exchange administration fees for UOB Commercial SGD/USD/HKD cards will be increased from 2.8% to 3% to 3% for the amount converted.

Please note: We may close and revoke any card, account or service, with or without notification, if a change in applicable law, regulation, regulatory requirement or court decision or, in our opinion, the maintenance or performance of an obligation under the terms of this Agreement becomes illegal or is prohibited by other means. In this case, you must pay us all the debts on request. You must provide us with your identification and contact information so that we can send you messages and other communications related to your accounts and services. You need to make sure your identification and contact data is accurate and up-to-date at all times. You must inform us immediately of any changes to your name or contact information and give us time for the change.