South Australia`s planning system controls land use and physical development in the state. b) if the country does not have a Greenway – this is an access agreement under the Recreational Greenways Act 2000 that involves Greenway`s authority in the agreement. 2. A council may enter into an agreement with the landowner regarding the development, management, maintenance or conservation of the land on the Council`s territory. (9) An agreement under this section may record that development rights have been transferred by the Land in accordance with an urban planning plan. (3 bis) An agreement under this section, to which the Minister or a Greenway authority is a supporter, may include compensation for some form of liability or remedy, a waiver or exclusion of some form of liability or right of action, an accused of liability or an exclusion of liability on the part of a party. Two bis. The Minister or Counsel, when considering whether he has reached an agreement under this section on land development and, whether such an agreement is to be reached, takes into account the provisions of the agreement: (3 ter) A provision of the subsection (3 bis) may be renewed on or in favour of a person or body that is or is not a contracting party or not and , in this case, the person or entity may enforce or make use of the provision as if the person or entity was a contracting party to the agreement. (a) the country includes a green trail or part of a green road, which is under the authority`s jurisdiction; or a Land Management Agreement (LMA) contains rules on land development, management, conservation or conservation. (10) An agreement under this section may provide for the imposition of rates or taxes on the land, but, unless otherwise stated, such an agreement does not affect the obligations of a landowner under another law. Copies of the two plans, as well as land records on which the plans relate, can be found on the following links: Sustainable land management involves managing land without harmful ecological processes or reducing biodiversity. It also means preserving the stock of natural resources, such as productive soil and fresh water, to support our economy. (11) An agreement reached under this section by a greenway authority or council may only provide for the imposition of rates or taxes payable to the Crown if the Minister approves the order and such an agreement, reached by the Minister, cannot take rates or taxes payable to a board unless the Council approves the order.