E*TRADE Media Relations 646-521-4418 mediainq@etrade.com E*TRADE Investor Relations 646-521-4406 IR@etrade.com To request a key, you need an E*TRADE account. (You also need the account to sign in and use your app.) This can be a personal, business, or business account. If you don`t have one, you can quickly set up www.etrade.com online. For development purposes, it is not necessary to finance the account, but funds are needed to carry out effective trade. To learn more about E*TRADE Equity Edge Online Developer Platform, visit developer.etrade.com/corporate-services and more information about E*TRADE`s stock compensation offering etrade.com/corporateservices. As a developer, you will be prompted to sign an API agreement before obtaining a consumption key for production data. As stated earlier, the requirement for a key requires that you log into your E*TRADE account and send a secure message. The E*TRADE Financial Group provides financial services, including trade, investment, banking and management of staff actions and financial wellness plans. Employee action plan solutions are offered by E*TRADE Financial Corporate Services, Inc. Investment products and services are offered by E*TRADE Securities LLC (FINRA/SIPC member). Futures and options on futures products and services are offered by E*TRADE Futures LLC (NFA member).

Managed accounting solutions are offered by E*TRADE Capital Management, LLC, a registered investment consultant. Banking products and services are offered by E* TRADE Bank and RIA deposit solutions are offered by E*TRADE Savings Bank, both of which are national federal credit unions (FDIC). For more information, see www.etrade.com. If you`re logged into your account, you`re asking us.etrade.com/etx/ris/apikey a sandbox consumption key via this handy link. As a developer, you must return to this page every year after the conclusion of our developer agreement to confirm your market data certificate. This documentation assumes that the developer is familiar with business concepts and market terminology. To clarify market conditions, the E*TRADE Financial Help Center can be helpful. This sample node.js application helps you update with the E*TRADE API and thus program in the node.js programming language. “In this remote work environment in particular, storage schedule administrators need efficient and easy-to-use technology to keep their daily lives running smoothly,” said Scott Whatley, president of E*TRADE Corporate Services. “The introduction of the developer platform now makes it possible to automate, optimize and scale processes that were historically analogous. This allows our clients to tailor the experience and functions they rely on most – and most importantly the time they have spent on administrative tasks before focusing on crucial strategic business decisions in the midst of the ongoing crisis. The platform`s API allows E*TRADE clients who currently use a third-party trading platform to view E*TRADE and market account information and send trading orders directly from that platform to E*TRADE.

Note that if you are assigned an individual key instead of a vendor key, it only works with your E*TRADE account. Trying to use a unique key with another user account results in an error. Your individual key works with each of your E*TRADE accounts. As a user, you must sign the market data agreement before you can access the data with the offer API….