[The agreement could also provide that the counterparty could, in the event of termination, transmit the protected health information to another counterparty of the covered entity and/or add conditions relating to the obligations of a counterparty, obtain or insure protected health information produced, received or maintained by subcontractors.] (b) dismissal for unfounded cause. The counterparty shall authorize the termination of this Agreement by the Covered Entity if the Covered Entity finds that the Counterparty has breached an essential provision of the Agreement [and that the Counterparty has not cured or terminated the Breach within the period specified by the Covered Entity]. [A language in parentheses may be added if the undertaking concerned wishes to give the counterparty the opportunity to remedy a breach or breach of contract prior to termination for an indispensable reason.] As a general rule, the BAA also defines the services provided by the counterparty, the type of data with which it interagulates and deals with matters relating to infringement notifications (e.g. B timetables) and sanctions. Specifically, when it provides services or technologies to a covered company (for example. B a hospital) or to any other subcontracting counterparty (e.g. B a PaaS provider such as Datica), counterparties process, process, transmit or otherwise interact with electronic protected health information (ePHI) by such covered companies. With this PHI access, all counterparties must sign what is known as a Business Association Agreement (BAA). The BAA is a legal contract describing how the counterparty sticks to HIPAA, as well as the liabilities and risks it assumes. From award-winning HIPAA training to contracts and agreements, we can meet your needs so you can protect your business. It`s like a chain that follows the IHP from the very first link in the chain, the entity covered. The following link would be the business partner and all its subcontractors (including business partners) would be links that will follow.

Think of subcontractors as business partners….